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The Birth of a Star

June, 2016/ London, UK

The birth of a star

This artwork is inspired by the process that takes place in the earliest days of a stellar life and it is the first work in a planned series called “The Life of Stars”.

“Like people, stars are born, they grow old and they die. Their birth places are huge, cold clouds of gas and dust, known as 'nebulas'. These clouds start to shrink under their own gravity. As the cloud gets smaller, it breaks into clumps. Each clump eventually becomes so hot and dense that nuclear reactions begin. When the temperature reaches 10 million degrees Celsius, the clump becomes a new star. “ - European Space Agency. Universe for kids


The artwork is a laser and CNC cut in three scales of plywood. The LED light also known as NeoPixels is controlled by Arduino compatible esp8266 chip, and the animation is coded via arduino IDE. It is powered by the battery charged from another star (our Sun).

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