Logo Design
UI design
app design

Bodhitrix proudly presents the Acro App and its first in a series of collections; the L Basing Acro compendium. Drawn from and influenced by AcroYoga and European acrobatics; our objective is to encourage creativity and infinite possibilities of play. Ideal for people who love to calibrate, collaborate and connect with others.

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Logo Design

Bodhitrix were looking to create new identity design more suitable for the digital products such as cross platform apps, and web apps. Working on the logo was a great opportunity to understand brand and it's long term goals ahead of working on the app design.

As with all design, I start with exploring ideas on paper. I usually choose three different directions and explore each direction in multiple styles through sketches.

Final idea was based on an acroyoga sequence, that express the beauty of the play and the idea behind brand to challenge people to 'play to the full potential'.

UX design

Starting from paper sketches I then moved to Sketch, Craft & Invision to create wireframes, and prototype. Interactive prototype of the app allowed us to get early feedback from small focus groups before refining design and functionality.

The App

The app has been released on iOS and soon to be released on Android. I have worked with Unity developer to deliver cross platform experience that recreates beauty of physics and randomness of throwing a dice.