website design

Machines Room is a vibrant community of East London businesses, designers, architects, artists and engineers. I worked on creating online platform, that would enable business to manage all resources they have to offer, take online bookings, publish articles, experiment with business model and adapt to quickly evolving maker culture.

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When we started working on the new platform, Machinesroom were already running the space with the help of combination of third party booking services, and content publishing services. With over 200 active users, multiple resources and quickly changing business model the objective was to move to a platform that would gather all services in one place and provide both user and the business with much more consistent experience.


We spent a lot of time with Machinesroom team analysing current use of the website, working our current and desired user journeys and rethinking the structure for the content that would reflect better business goals and allow for scalability.

Platform choice

Amongst available e-commerce platforms and services such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and others wordpress+woocommerce was the most logical choice to allow for the level of control Machinesroom team wanted over the website. We adopted Foundation CSS framework creating a style guide for all pages and flexible grid based templates.

Long read format

Machinesroom has a lot of success stories to share, hence great reading experience was importatn. I created content focused templates and custom back-end editor for blog posts.