Watch Face Design

UI design

Screens became ubiquitous in our life, overtaking time-proven physical UI such as buttons, arrows, dials. This presents an opportunity to rethink actions that we take for granted. What if every time we look at our watch we slowdown for a few seconds? What if a time piece could motivate mindfulness and be unique filter for all notifications, and distractions of a constantly connected life? I explored the ideas for a watch face where time and notifications are intentionally not immediately obvious and require user to slow down.

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Circular and Amoled

Circular screens that become common in smart watched encourage to explore digital design beyond the boxy screens we have been used to. Amoled technology allows only to highlight pixels that we need allowing for minimalistic energy efficient stylish interface.

Can you guess what time is it?

What if we illustrate different king of movement of time? Imagin a movement on the screen reflects five minutes span instead of one minute or one hour. This would be slower the seconds arrow but faster then minutes arrow, reflecting the movement of time in different terms and impacting perception of time.